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I failed! Or should I say Society failed me, and it was not my fault.

Society failed me, and it was not my fault; Story by Alusine Barrie.

Standing in the face of such a beautiful, respected and powerful young lady seeking help, I feel sure that something is going to happen. Eyes wide open firing a brilliant, vigilant and scowling gaze onto the wall opposite like a scarecrow in the seasons of ripe in my village. Questions shooting from the deep of my heart, worn out tear sacks burst open, a sorrowful spring of tears flowing from its pores, it is happening, just as I knew it would. It is all coming back to me now,  it has only just happened. Wow!
Was it my fault to be born a girl? Why has it been so difficult to be me? The battered life I now live is the relic of age-long discrimination and subordination of all women in my community. Countless numbers of girls are suffering through the same ordeal shoved down my throat while I was just a budding young girl . Why is this silence so loud?!
I was only eight years old, if I can still remember. Or perhaps eve…