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We cannot afford to distrust our leadership!

We cannot afford to distrust our leadership! A country as beautiful as mine deserves a ‘leadership’ it can trust. This month’s theme ‘distrust in leadership’ strikes close to my heart. The presence of trust and its absence thereof as one of those things that makes or breaks any relationship from personal ties to business relations may have been clich├ęd in the world of business, but one which still holds quite true. Where trust exists between people amazing things can happen. Even mountains can be moved with ease! On the flip side however, lasting success is a dream too far to grasp wherever trust fails to exist. As said quite often, nothing significant can be achieved where trust is missing. Even in the presence of overwhelming resources at the disposal of an organization.
My conception of this theme of distrust in leadership however goes beyond an organization, though not too far perhaps. Trust remains quite a milestone to be achieved by countries striving for progress and development…