Action for climate change begins here!

Action for climate change begins here!

Farm lands destroyed by bush fires
Climate change is not a problem of science versus corporations. It is a problem of our society, its morals, and its priorities. Turning words into action starts with this mindset.

I won’t talk here about the huge data available on climate change. Anyways, if you’re really curious to see for yourself, check out the links at the bottom of the page.

Skeptics of our climate change problem may try to distract us with their bad rap. Well, tell them that while we may not be here in the year 2098 to see side effects of our action to put climate change under control, we may also not be here to see the side effects of our inaction. Therefore, for our own sake and for our children's sake (whose lives will be affected by our actions or inactions of today), we are choosing to do the right thing. Experience has taught us that taking bold steps to control these situations is the right thing to do.

Turning words into action first requires us to take care of these so-called skeptics whose rap distracts us from the real damage taking place right in our eyes, discouraging any serious action to salvage this situation. In the case of developing countries (where little action has been taking place) we must actively mobilize schools, communities, NGOs, Governments etc. to strive for constant awareness and action. While the actions proposed here may already be popular in other countries, in developing countries like mine climate change is yet to be seen as a major concern needing proactive action - hence very modest actions have been taken.  Nevertheless, my country has recently suffered the harsh  effects of climate change when flooding hit Freetown. See link:

Schools and local communities can:

·         Teach young people and children how to care for and respect the environment.

·         Teach critical thinking that guards us from the influx of false truths so present in our society today. See blog post by Miriam Mason-Sesay:

·         Enforce local bye laws that bring people to account for their actions on the environment.

NGOs can:

·         Support and initiate education programmes on themes of climate change and the respectful exploitation of the environment.

·         Design interventions that give local communities alternative (more sustainable) ways of earning income to reduce dependence on unhealthy exploitation of resources. E.g. Training local communities on sustainable agriculture (with seeds, tools and on-going support) to reduce dependence on charcoal burning as a main source of income.

·         Lobby in governments and communities to ensure proactive action on climate change.

·         Work closely with local authorities to promote awareness and action to control and reverse the effects of climate change.

Governments can:

·         Support local communities and NGOs with their goodwill, necessary policies, supervisory mechanisms and their expertise to promote preservation of our environment

·         Set up strict policies and legal frameworks that ensure persons or corporations respect the environment.

·         Work with (and learn from) other countries in taking urgent action.

·         Hold to account other governments and corporations whose actions endanger our environment.

You also can:

·         Treat nature and the environment with respect and care

·         Teach children and others how to care for the environment

·         Educate yourself on climate change and its effects

·         Consume sustainably

·         Engage in discussions and actions to promote respectful use of the earth’s resources

Our advancements so far in science and technology stand insufficient to tackle our current climate change issues. And while we don’t know how much our next generations’ science and technology may have advanced in the future, it is better to treat this issue as a threat to us and the future of mankind. Let’s start making a change!

Links for the tastes of the curious:


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