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A much easier way to win the battle for gender equality

The next steps to reduce gender inequalities must create ‘experiences’ for a new generation supportive of a more equal world.
‘You mould your earth when it’s wet’ goes a Sierra Leonean adage, and I have never agreed with it more when it comes to gender equality. The side effects of gender inequality are at the stem of many problems we face. However, we spend billions in tick-box interventions doing piecemeal activities to change attitudes.  We comfortably sit and watch our boys and girls grow into their parents. Gender inequalities are present in every corner of the world. Even in countries where most progress has occurred, being a woman is still very tough. 
Gender inequalities are sustained and strengthened by our thoughts and actions, which are heavily moulded by our childhood experiences in home and in school. Therefore, the school and the home must be our work stations in the fight for equality. The best possible impact must centre on policies that create pro-equality childhood ex…