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Keep an eye on your ego, understand fear, and breathe life into your dreams for a happier life

Keeping an eye on ego, understanding fear, and breathing life into your dreams are essential for developing wellbeing.
Do you find yourself regularly watching through those millions of videos on YouTube? In constant turmoil analyzing what others think about you? How to not give a….? Or searching through for motivational quotes by accomplished others? Or do you usually find yourself drenched in guilt at the end of what seemed like a happy moment? Or constantly at the mercy of your inner demon? If any of these ring close to you (the definitely do for me) your wellbeing is at stake, and you’re not alone.
We live in a society that dictates what is and isn’t acceptable for us, what we are good at, what’s beautiful, who to trust/love, how to dress, eat, behave etc. These rules often work against our wellbeing. The very few among us who seek to learn about and truly break free from these shackles are the ones who enjoy true wellbeing we so envy.
You’ll be surprised to hear that all you need i…